Yacht Management services allows the owner to focus on enjoying his or her vessel and the captain to focus on running the vessel, as opposed to worrying about the paperwork. Yacht Management team comprise accountants, former captains and engineers, crew managers and more to ensure the yacht receives the best possible service.

Each vessel receives a bespoke management plan and yacht managers take care of everything on board from accounting and administrative processes, such as insurance, technical management, crew support and hiring, logistics and purchasing, yacht registration and more.


To adopt a Planned Maintenance System to a yacht, all crew members should participate and be a part of this system. It is crucial to set up the planned procedures in accordance with Manufacturer’s Guidelines, Regulations, relevant codes of Flag State and Classification Society, as well as local requirements. This sophisticated, recordable and monitorable maintenance program concept should also be shared with all departments on board the yacht. This is what we called PMS “Planned Maintenance System”.