Owning a luxury yacht is more complex than it used to be, with a maze of regulations, taxation, maintenance schedules, and logistics to navigate. Why not let Xone Superyacht Management guide you through it?

Yacht Management Services allow the owner to focus on enjoying his or her vessel and the captain to focus on running the vessel, as opposed to worrying about the paperwork. Yacht Management team comprises accountants, former captains and engineers, crew managers and more to ensure the yacht receives the best possible service.

Let yourself to meet with The Xone Management consisting of specialists from all areas of yachting industry (including administration, engineering, finance, safety, logistics), devoted to your dreams. No matter where your yacht is located in the world, we offer you the opportunity to experience the comfort of knowing that she is in compliance with all kinds of regulations and maritime conventions such as ISM, ISPS, MARPOL , STCW etc..and the satisfaction of our technical, financial and operational coastal service support.

Also, Xone Superyacht Technical Team is always ready to assist you in routine maintenance issues, emergency situations and complex insurance requirements. No matter what level of technical support you need, we’re just a phone call away.