The International Certificate of Competency, commonly referred to as “ICC” is a certificate of competency, not necessarily a course.  

This is a certificate confirming that an individual is competent to the level required to meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UNECE IWC) Resolution 40. 

-Must be at least 16 years of age.
-Be physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft, and in particular, must have sufficient powers of vision and hearing.
-Have successfully passed a written and practical examination or prove the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation by holding an acceptable IYT Worldwide certificate.

As we are an approved partner school authorized to offer the ICC course:
-Upon completion of the International Flotilla or Bareboat Skipper course at Xone Superyacht Academy, candidates have the opportunity to be automatically awarded the 24M ICC.

-Successful completion of the Small Powerboat & RIB Master – MCA Recognized course at our academy can lead to the automatic awarding of the 10M ICC.

Endorsements may include:
(Power - 24m) Valid for any power-driven vessel up to 24 meters.
(Power - 10m) Valid for any power-driven vessel up to 10 meters.
(Sail – 24m & Power 10m) Valid for sail vessels up to 24 meters. Power – 10m endorsement required for operating a tender to and from shore.
(PWC) Valid for personal watercraft.
(Coastal waters) Valid for coastal passages only.
(Coastal and inland) Valid for use in the inland waterways of Europe as well as coastal. A CEVNI exam must be completed.

*To obtain an ICC, candidates must demonstrate their competence in boat handling, along with a solid understanding of navigation procedures, pilotage, safety protocols, and International Regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea.

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