The selection of the flag you fly from the transom plays a vital role in shaping the taxes involved in operating your yacht, crewing arrangements, permissible cruising destinations, and the frequency of official inspections and boardings. This decision becomes even more critical if you intend to charter your yacht, as it subjects the vessel to commercial vessel regulations. Additionally, the varying standards enforced by different ports for private and commercial vessels further complicate matters. To tackle these challenges, many yacht owners choose to flag offshore, benefiting from streamlined registration procedures and lower tax rates.

Xone Superyacht Management assists you in determining the flag that best suits your needs. Yacht owners need to consider their place of residence (EU/Non-EU, Gulf, US, Asia), the area of navigation, and the intended use (Pleasure, Commercial, or Dual). Moreover, yacht characteristics, VAT/tax status, place of delivery, nationality of the crew, and finance needs (marine mortgage loan or leasing) are essential factors to weigh. By helping owners understand each factor carefully, we enable them to make informed decisions that align with their preferences and legal requirements, ensuring an enjoyable yachting experience.

Our team consists of registrars and Flag State Surveyors from the IMO member states of Malta, Antigua & Barbuda, Cook Islands, and Langkawi. We serve as authorized registrar brokers and hold an Open Flag status. An advantageous option is offered by Antigua & Barbuda and Cook Islands, called "Dual Registration", allowing boat owners to simultaneously register their vessels as Commercial and Private. The yacht can smoothly switch between Commercial and Private status based on its activities, with a 48-hour notice to the Deputy Registrars. Maintaining the boat in Private status provides VAT exemption and exemption from Port State Control (PSC) regulations.


The Maltese flag is highly reputable and is listed on the Paris MOU White List, ensuring a warm welcome in ports worldwide. This exceptional reputation is one of the primary reasons Malta is home to one of the largest ship registers in the world, featuring attractive tax incentives, stability, and dynamic registration services.


Antigua & Barbuda follows all IMO regulations and collaborates with the US Coast Guard, MCA, and EU states, granting its registered yachts automatic cruising permits worldwide. With a reputable standing and being white-listed Antigua & Barbuda also offers year-round Dual Registration, making it a highly coveted product.


The Initial Provisional registration process is remarkably fast, being completed within 24 hours. Upon completing VAT Registration, free circulation is allowed worldwide, including EU waters. Another valuable aspect is the year-round Dual Registration, enabling both Commercial and Private Registry simultaneously. This makes it a highly coveted product.


LIYR is an internationally recognized choice for yacht registry, established by the State of Malaysia. It is rapidly gaining prominence, known for its swift actions during yacht surveys and the certification process. Your vessel does not require a physical visit to Langkawi or Malaysia. The setup cost is affordable, and the process is efficient. This international yacht flag holds worldwide validity and allows for private ownership registration for people of any nationality. Langkawi maintains a strong reputation, and Malaysia’s husbandry approach is white-listed in the IMO State list.