This course is not for beginners.

This is a certificate of competency for those candidates who wish to train to command a catamaran sailboat up to 24 metres in length, in fair weather, and sight of land.

The 5 to 6-day course aims to enable participants to charter boats in regions like the Mediterranean or West Indies, which frequently have specific restrictions on cruising areas and distance from the base.

*International Bareboat Skipper Sail – Catamaran qualification holders can automatically obtain the International Certificate of Competency (ICC), provided the student meets the requirements as laid down by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Resolution 40). 

-Must be at least 16 years of age.
-A VHF Radio Operators Certificate or equivalent.
-To have logged 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea by the end of the course.
-Must have taken IYT’s International Crew physical course. Candidates must either hold an IYT International Crew Certificate proving they have taken and passed the course, OR, a gold seal affixed to the IYT Boating & Sailing Passport signed by the school’s principal). Or they must hold an equivalent.

* If a candidate already holds an IYT Flotilla or Bareboat Skipper Sail certificate can complete the catamaran training modules in a 1.5 to 2-day course, with a review of the Flotilla or Bareboat Skipper course at the beginning.


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