This is a recreational certificate of competency for command of a sailing catamaran up to 24 meters in length and up to 150 nautical miles offshore.

It is a comprehensive theory and live aboard course consisting of five days of classroom theory and a practical component of six days including the final practical on the water examination.

* Those who have obtained the Yachtmaster Offshore Sail - Catamaran CoC, can automatically obtain the “International Certificate of Competency” (ICC), provided the candidate meets the requirements as laid down by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Resolution 40).

-Must be at least 18 years of age
-A VHF Radio Operators Certificate
-To have logged 3.000 nautical miles at sea (power or sail). This mileage must not be logged on short-day trips.
-At least 2.000 miles must have been completed on coastal voyages and not ocean crossings
500 miles must have been on sailing catamarans <24m
-50 days on board at sea (a day = 24 hours)
30 hours on watch at night underway
-Successful completion of a medical and color blindness eyesight examination is mandatory.

*It is recommended that candidates also hold STCW Basic Training Certificates.
*Minimum sea time must have been met before the final examination.

*If a candidate already holds an IYT Yachtmaster Offshore Sail CoC, the modules for catamaran training should be a 1.5 to 2-day course. A review of the Yachtmaster Offshore course should be considered at the beginning of the course.



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